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         GPS GSM Personal Tracker & GPS GSM Personal Tracking

         How to insert the SIM card into the Personal Tracker

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module.

A SIM card is actually a tiny computer in your phone. It has a memory (for data and applications), a processor and the ability to interact with the user. Current SIMs typically have 16 to 64 kb of memory, which provides plenty of room for storing hundreds of personal phone numbers, text messages, value-added services and important for us: position data (coordinates) of tracked animals.


The SIM card identifies you to the network and contains a microprocessor chip, which stores unique information about your account, including your phone number. The SIM card, provided by a local GSM cell phone operator, snaps into the back of a GSM cell phone to make you a local subscriber.




How to insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot of the Personal Tracker?


Use a sharp tool to eject the SIM card slot.




Use a sharp tool to eject the SIM card slot.




Pull the slot out and put a valid SIM card in it by following the correct orientation. Before that, you have to deactivate the PIN code if there is any.

Push the slot back into the Personal Tracker. Don’t push too hard if you find it difficult to insert the slot. Try to pull it out and push it back gently.
























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