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         GPS GSM Personal Tracker & GPS GSM Personal Tracking

         Polling: how to get immediate response from the Personal Tracker


There are 2 methods to obtain the immediate response from PERSONAL TRACKER.


Method 1:

Dial the phone number of PERSONAL TRACKER through your mobile phone, and then you will receive a respond message within 20 seconds , depending on how busy the GSM network is.


Method 2:

When you are in overseas, you can send a command via SMS to the PERSONAL TRACKER. And then you will receive a respond message.




Note1:PERSONAL TRACKER can accept any cellular phone call and reply SMS message to the one that is calling.


Note2:Once the “Own Number Sending” function is deactivated in your cellular phone, PERSONAL TRACKER will not recognize the calling number so as to lose polling function


Change User ID and Password

The default user ID and password of PERSONAL TRACKER is “Username” and “0000” respectively. You can change them according to your preference.


Predefine Cellular Number(s)

Before using the functions of Auto Report, Emergency Alert and Park, you need to predefine at least one and maximum of 5 cellular numbers.


Auto Report

PERSONAL TRACKER can report SMS message only to the designate cellular phone. It is the first cellular number predefined in PERSONAL TRACKER. However, the default Auto Report function is off. To turn on Auto Report function, send the setup SMS message to launch. See chapter 4.3 for further information.




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