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         GPS GSM Personal Tracker & GPS GSM Personal Tracking

         Emergency Alert - Panic Button, Park Button

Emergency Alert - Panic Button

When in emergency circumstance, you can press-and-release the on board “Panic Button” and PERSONAL TRACKER will send SMS message(s) to ALL the predefined cellular number(s). If you would like the draw attentions from people, you can press and hold on the button for more than 2 seconds. The built-in buzzer will alarm for 20 seconds and send emergency SMS message(s) at the same time.


Note1: When the time you activate the buzzer by press-and-hold the Panic button for 2 seconds, the buzzer will be always alarmed in the future once you press the Panic button, even you just press-and-release.

Note2: If you would not like the buzzer to be always alarmed, you can switch PERSONAL TRACKER off for 30 seconds and then on.




Parking - Park Button

While you park or leave your vehicle or valuable asset for some personal purposes, you can press “Park” button to guard it. Once the Park function is launched and the carrier is 1) moved without permission for over 100m from the original position or2) the moving speed is over 1 kn/hr (1.83 km/hr), PERSONAL TRACKER will report “towed” messages to user for burglarproof purpose. The Parking SMS will only be sent to the 1st cellular phone number “PH-01” predefined in PERSONAL TRACKER. The SMS contains the GPRMC’s UTC time, latitude and longitude information for you to track the carrier.


Note1:Park function will not be activated when GPS is down (blue LED is gone).


Note2: Besides pressing the Park button activate Park function; you also activate it from distance by sending the PERSONAL TRACKER an SMS.


Note3: Each of the “Auto Report”, ”Emergency Alert”, and “Parking” function needs to predefine the cellular phone number(s) for SMS sending.



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