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         GPS GSM Personal Security Tracker & GPS GSM Personal Tracking

         Your personal security tracking system & Child GPS locator

GPS GSM Personal Tracker: A perfect and innovative GPS personal tracking system

The GPS personal tracker is a GPS Microtracker with 101 g weight only (incl. rechargeable battery). It is a handheld, compact-sized, battery-operated and GPS enabled location device dessigned for personal tracking & security use. It can be also used as a GPS-GSM emergency tool.




The Personal Security Tracker is ideal for:


• Executive protection
• Monitoring teenagers
• Location of field personnel
• Personal safety






How does it work? The GPS GSM Personal Tracker takes its position via GPS and send the data directly (as an SMS) via cell/mobile phone service to your cell phone (see figure below).



What you need to activate the GPS GSM Personal Locator?

Wireless service from a GSM/GPRS network provider

SMS-enabled SIM card.

A cell phone or a GSM modem that can send SMS message to the Personal Tracker


What are the costs of the system?

The one-time cost to purchase the GPS GSM Personal Tracker. No monthly fees to operate the Personal Tracker!

The monthly data service fee of the SIM card contract from your local wireless service provider. It depends on your service provider and service plan. It may range from Euro 10 to Euro 30 typically.

It is also possible to use a Prepaid SIM card!!!.



Personal Tracker (incl. charger, software) SMS version: 455 Euro (+tax within the EU)

Personal Tracker (incl. charger, software) GPRS version: 509 Euro (+tax within the EU)


SORRY, but the unit is sold out

and will not be offered again!



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