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Car Tracking & Mapping Software

Overview & Introduction to software for vehicle tracking

The following companies offer state of the art GPS car tracking software


ALK offer software products and services that suit your specific travel and transportation needs. From in-vehicle GPS navigation to fleet management, shipment tracking to customized systems.


Advanced Tracking Technologies

Released the car tracking Shadow Tracker™ Pro mapping software. The system incorporates the most current maps of North America. Customers are able to purchase quarterly map updates. The following features are available:

Track Playback - Animates your driver's daily driven route so that you can follow every move. The track animation line is color coded to indicate the speed your driver was traveling during his route.

Idle Time Report - Gives you an accurate report detailing when your driver was stopped and has left the engine running on the vehicle.

Track Detail - Provides you with a split screen view when reviewing your driver's route. Stop and transit times, as well as speed information, are displayed in the bottom pane. You can easily toggle between stops by clicking the stop number on the track detail pane. View sample map.

Group Reporting - Allows you to set vehicles up into groups for faster and easier reporting.

Mileage By State - Breaks down mileage by state boundaries to assist with DOT reporting.




Offers  the StarFinder AVL for the control center. This SW can handle unlimited vehicles in real time. This software is designed for customers with large fleets. Customers that do not need to monitor fleets of vehicles but rather one or few will be able to purchase limited licenses or use a web site for tracking.

Main features:

Multi-vehicle supported

Ready to work with MS MapPoint NA and Europe (2002 & 2004 versions)

Takes on-the-fly the following map formats: SHP (ArcInfo), TAB (MapInfo), AGF (AtlasGIS), DWG (Autocad).

Accepts the following raster map formats which may be georeferenced using the industry standard ESRI World File format: KAP (BSB nautical chart), SID (MrSID), TIF / TIFF / GeoTIFF, BMP (Windows bitmap), PCX (Paintbrush), TGA (Targa), PNG (Portable network graphics), ECW (ERMapper)

Way point feature, it can pre-defined areas on a map that are defined by name, position, size and shape . It can send e-mails o ring alarm when a vehicle enters an 'out-of-bound' area.



The company offer the CarTracker software, which creates automatically generated reports with times, dates and locations. The GPS vehicle tracking software is used for monitoring the travel activities of private vehicles for remote surveillance without following or tailing.



TMW provides beneath dispatch, logistics and trucking software for the transportation industry, software designed to deliver real-time position and status reports of all loads, equipment, resources, and carriers.



WS2 offer with its software VISTA™ a new approach to Vehicle Monitoring software. The software enable the client to view its vehicle information from any web enabled PC, allows to create an own bespoke reports. Based on the open XML standard, the software can extract, transform and can uniquely integrate data from the clints vehicles with his existing IT systems. AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location. Vehicles and staff can report their locations automatically or upon request. Managers can see individual, groups or all vehicles on maps or reports, with the click of a button.


offers state of the art GPS tracking software for vehicles. More information at: SatSMS and SatWeb.


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