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Satellite Tracking Software

Introduction and Description

The following companies offer state of the art GPS satellite tracking software


NLSA offers the Nova-software. Nova for Windows is an innovative real-time satellite tracking program. Nova includes realistic maps, unlimited satellites, observers, views, plus auto-tracking of antennas. It has the following GPS' Features: Uses almost any GPS receiver. No modifications required to GPS receiver. Needs only industry-standard NMEA 0183 output. Most GPS receivers connect directly to the computer's serial port (port is selectable). Accurate time setting. Accuracy to less than 0.5 seconds. Keeps computer clock accurate for high-performance satellite tracking. Accurate location. use it just once for setting main ground station's location. Use NovaGPS continuously for mobile satellite station. Writes to data file and/or to Nova for Windows' AutoTracking Observer.





Satscape is a Freeware Program for the PC. It produces real-time displays of where any Satellite is, and predicts passes for your locale. There are about 8000+ satellites in orbit, a lot of these are just junk and debris such as discarded rocket bodies, but quite a few are working Satellites.
Their positions can be calculated very accurately using pure maths, no need for a huge radar dish in your back garden. Satscape will do the maths for you, and present their positions in a nice graphical way. Passes over your part of the world can be predicted weeks in advance in a matter of seconds.
You don't have to use or have access to the satellites, as it will even predict when the 150 'Brightest' satellites pass over, so you can SEE them, and impress friends with your "psychic" abilities by predicting to the nearest second when they are about to pass over.
It can currently track 500 satellites simultaneously, with various graphically rich Map Views with ground tracks and footprints, Horizon view, tabular list and more. It's highly graphical, and has optional speech to announce satellites as they come into range. Tracking Data known as "Keplerian Elements" are used to work out their positions. Updating the Keplerian elements couldn't be easier, just one click from the menu, and it will connect via your Internet connection, and update them, making Satscape one of the easiest and most up-to-date Satellite Tracking programs available.




TRAKSAT is a satellite tracking program for amateur radio and optical users alike. The program was written by Paul E. Traufler. The programm makes it easy for the beginner to see satellites without all the fuss other programs require. The program uses "pop-up" and "pull down" style windows for easy use. The user can select menu options with letters, arrows, or even a mouse.

TRAKSAT comes with a satellite database of over 800 of the most important satellites ready to use. You can set up different satellite databases as needed and call them from within the program. There is also a database of over 1970 cities that can be used for tracking stations. The user can edit the tracking station file and add new stations as they are needed or use one of the pre-configured ones.

TRAKSAT can calculate Doppler shifts and Squint angles for good satellite radio links. The amateur radio user will find the prediction mode very useful for scheduling times and passes.

TRAKSAT has several graphics features also. A satellite ground track can be produced as can a "sky view". The sky view comes in handy for finding the satellites in the night sky. Orthographic (3-D) views are also included in TRAKSAT, i.e., see the orbital track about the earth from a point in space. The sun terminator along with a satellite circle of visibility can be displayed also. SVGA modes are supported as well a support for PCX files.

The analytical solution will determine rise and set times of the satellite. This option is very fast and can easily produce a evenings ephemeris of satellites that will be "seen". No satellite tracking program has even come close to matching the speed of this option. The user can "define" his or her favorite satellites and produce a quick look for the nights viewing.



Up to six satellites can be tracked at one time with this option. The user can define any of the satellites used in the multi-tracking modes. Graphic or tabular outputs are available in the multi-tracking modes. A Multi-Station mode is also available that will allow you to see the satellite pass for more than one station.

Tabular Output:

TRAKSAT can produce tracking information on the screen or to a file for later use. (Ephemeris generation) This is of great value for predicting the next satellite pass. Doppler shift for up/down links as well as squint angle calculations are provided.


The user can select Line Of Sight, Optical, Optical with a range limit visibility options with just a menu option. The Optical method is for the back yard astronomer who likes to see those "fast moving stars".




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