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 Marine charts - boat mapping software

Software for marine tracking

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Marine charts are digital analogous of nautical charts. A marine chart is a map showing water depths, coastlines or other information of use to navigators.

Nowadays boat navigation with help of GPS devices is standard nearly everywhere.

Tracking and mapping the boat route as well as itís actual position is done with software. The software is transforming and pinpoint the location information, which is generally in latitude and longitude, on a computer generated digital map to show the location of the boat. Depending on your map display software, maps can be zoomed in and out to virtually any level of detail, and can be set to automatically scroll to follow a designated unit.

Marine charts, as well as other maps are in two versions: vector and raster format.



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The following companies offer state of the art GPS marine tracking software

European Datacomm

The company offers there customers a worldwide voice and data communications service that allows tracking and monitoring ships & vessels.

For that only a small GPS tracking unit has to be attached to the ship and enables the owner to track the path and status of the unit anywhere in the world.



SASCO offers with its Trawler Fleet Tracker (TFT) a softwaare designed specifically to address fishing fleet requirements. It combines GPS, satellite communication, computer color plotting and the internet, that give the fleet manager accurate information about the activities of his vessels on a day to day basis. But that is just the starting point. The TFT system provides many items of interest to the fleet manager in addition to the Latitude/Longitude positions.


Chart Plotting: Against a background chart of the fishing area, TFT presents color plot displays for individual vessels or groups of vessels, with position, speed and heading of each vessel; a track plot of the hourly positions (going back as far as you like); a plot of each and every trawl; and a plot of the number of baskets of catch caught each day for each vessel.

Since all data is stored indefinitely, these plot instantly display any number of day worth of history to allow you to pick out positive and negative trends and make management adjustments immediately.




FUGAWI Tracker is an affordable software that can track boats, vessels etc.. It lets you be there when you canít be there. Each remote will have their location indicated on a map at the base, as well as their heading and speed. The asset can be found on the map by clicking on the name and more detailed information about a remote asset can also be found just by clicking on it.

Polling on a pre-determined schedule, save tracking and route history.

Tracker is compatible with a wide variety of packaged digital maps. For those in the US, full street map coverage of the United States is included with FUGAWI TRACKER.

It allows you to create your own maps for your area from scanned paper maps or other digital sources. This flexibility permits you to use a wide variety of maps depending on the location of the asset. (ie. topographical, marine, or street maps).




InSigth USA

The company offers the The SeaEagle Ship Tracking system. It provides the latest technology in satellite gps communications, gps mapping integration, and advanced location services to give you one of the most complete GPS mapping software packages on the market. Optimized for commercial shipping and fishing operators, SeaEagle GPS mapping software can also be easily tailored to a wide range of other vessel management and monitoring applications. In addition to GPS Tracking Services, SeaEagle Vessel Tracking Units can provide wireless messaging, email, and Internet connectivity to an onboard PC, locally or worldwide.




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