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GPS Tracking Software - GPS mapping software

Introduction and Description to Tracking & Mapping Software

GPS Mapping & Tracking Software

Besides GPS hardware, software are most important for GPS applications. A tremendous amount of companies offering GPS software solutions. Here we are focuss on gps tracking software for cars, vessels and animals & wildlife.

The general procedure of a GPS mapping software is:

A GPS reciever has taken the GPS fix position of a unit. A decoder converts the data received into an address. The location information which is generally in latitude and longitude. Thus computer generated map plotting programs are used to convert the latitude and longitude readings into an address on a computer generated digital map, to show the location of the target object. Depending on your map display software, maps can be zoomed in and out to virtually any level of detail, and can be set to automatically scroll to follow a designated unit.



Some GPS tracking software packages enables in combination with hardware the user  to interact with the tracked unit in several ways. That means, the communication goes both ways so that from a base station you can check the status of its target object (cars or even wildlife with are fitted with GPS GSM collars) and if needed send new instructions to it, like remote commands for example.


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