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       Boat Tracking Systems - description & introduction & definition

Boat Tracking Systems

Boat tracking is nowadays possible with high accuracy by GPS. The  location data and other additional information, like speed and heading of the boat, can be  transmitted to land-stations or direct to the client. There are a lot of different communication systems for boat tracking applications available, depending of the country, provider etc.. Generally location data of the boat can be transmitted via mobile/cell phone systems, radio communication and satellite systems. Cell phone coverage is for boat tracking systems available only some km close to shores. So, if a boat is on the open sea, satellite communication links are the first choice.


Source: http://www0.satamatics.com/index1.htm




Comtech Mobile Datacom

Comtech Mobile Datacom uses small satellite transceivers, (MT-2011), to provide communications service between remote, fixed-site or mobile locations and customer ground facilities. Comtech Mobile Datacom offers two way data communication and Global Positioning System (GPS) geolocation services worldwide. Comtech Mobile Datacom provides satellite based data services. Services are: One-way position reporting, one-way messaging, two-way position reporting and messaging. Message Routing: Mobile to Customer Headquarters, customer Headquarters to Mobile, mobile to Mobile and internet electronic mail.


EMMI Network

The company has developed vessels tracking systems based on secure Internet connections and worldwide satellite coverage. So, all the mobile elements are controlled in real time from any place.
EMMI Network has developed vertical applications for the different areas of the marine industry: merchant marine, fisheries, charters, regattas or private yacht owners. The currently-used technology is focused on Inmarsar C or D+ communications.

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.



SASCO offers marine vessel tracking and messaging using Orbcomm's low earth orbiting communication satellites to provide maritime fleet management. GPS position data along with email messages are transmitted securely via the internet.

The Trawler Fleet Tracker allows to trace boats from the clients office. With Trawler Fleet Tracker the user is will be able to get boat positions, voyage tracking, and catch information. The built-in messaging system allows private communications between clients office and the boat. It combines GPS, satellite communication, computer color plotting and the internet, that give the client accurate information about the activities of his boat on a day to day basis

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.




Satamatics provides global, satellite-based telematic solutions that put the client in control - anywhere and anytime on across the world’s oceans. The vendors technology and services provide seamless worldwide coverage for the remote tracking of maritime boats, whether in port or on passage in any ocean. The on-board communications technology, which utilises Satamatics' ultra-compact/miniature mobile SAT 101 satellite terminal, enables the location, speed and heading of vessels to be tracked and monitored from any desktop or laptop with an Internet connection.



SkyMate puts the power of global satellite technology within easy reach of every boater. Whether the client is cruising the coastline or crossing the Atlantic, communication&tracking is possible. System figures are: Send & receive email, send messages via fax and voice, report your boat position, get scores, stocks, and news via Yahoo! Alerts, NEXRAD Weather Radar, NOAA weather charts, buoy reports, 1-5 day customized forecasts, monitor bilge, battery, and AC power while away from your boat with the SkyMate SentryMate monitoring kit.





WCC's delivers worldwide tracking coverages by Iridium satellite communication solutions. The ComTrack allows the user to monitor the transportation of any boat via the Internet using Iridium's truly global all-digital satellite technology. You will experience secure real-time tracking of your assets through your home or office computer. An analog phone/PBX interface, crew PIN, and downloadable crew call log enables the use as a voice telephone solution for the user who are on sea. With the optional Alert Button, the client any designated recipients can be notified immediately of a crisis aboard of his boat via an emergency notification sent directly to your e-mail, pager or fax.

User access: via vendors secure&encrypted website.

Coverage area: worldwide.



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