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         GPS Marine Tracking Systems/Vessel Tracking
         Description & introduction & definition & terms

GPS Vessel Tracking/GPS Marine Tracking Systems


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Marine navigation was for centuries celestial navigation, introduced by the Portuguese. Prior to the development of celestial navigation, sailors navigated by "deduced" reckoning. This was the method used by Columbus and most other sailors of his era. At those days, the ship's speed was measured by throwing a piece of flotsam over the side of the ship.

Today marine tracking / vessel tracking is a more sophisticated bussiness. Marine tracking means nowadays to trace an object on sea with the Global Positioning System. But on the contrary to track objects on land, by which the location data is mostly transmitted via cell/mobile phone systems, at sea the only possibility to have access to the data are satellite communication systems.



The following companies offer state of the art GPS marine tracking technology

Almex Marine

Almex offers global: tracking, e-mail, remote control + Ship Security Alertis based on Inmarsat satellites services. It is global satellite network covering whole world except for polar regions. Inmarsat enables worldwide communications.

User access: e-mail, fax, phone.

Coverage area: worldwide.



Andronics Ltd.

Andronics offers global coverage and two-way communication via low earth orbit satellites via it’s LEO-Marine equipment. Information of the tracked vessel like coordinates of position, speed and direction of travel are available for the client any time by simply logging onto a dedicated, secure website.

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.

European Datacomm

The company offers there customers a worldwide voice and data communications service that allows tracking and monitoring ships & vessels.

For that only a small GPS tracking unit has to be attached to the ship and enables the owner to track the path and status of the unit anywhere in the world.

EMMI Network

The company has developed vessels tracking systems based on secure Internet connections and worldwide satellite coverage. So, all the mobile elements are controlled in real time from any place.
EMMI Network has developed vertical applications for the different areas of the marine industry: merchant marine, fisheries, charters, regattas or private yacht owners. The currently-used technology is focused on Inmarsar C or D+ communications.

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.


Fleet Management Solutions (FMS)

The vendor offers latest GPS technology with advanced two-way satellite-based communications. A strategic alliance with ORBCOMM delivers 100% coverage, 100% of the time. For shipping and marine applications, FMS recommends installing the OST-300 hardware module on each container. This module (Trailer Location Tracking Module) is self-contained, self-powered unit providing location information for cargo containers and other assets that may be may be untethered from power supplies for up to one year. The module is a fully self-contained GPS system that can also be used to sense and report the presence of cargo. It will run for months on its internal battery and will automatically send a low battery alert weeks in advance of needing a charge.

But with an all-satellite GPS solution from FMS, you can track the exact location of all of your containers as they cross the ocean, reside in port, or move via land-based transportation.

Key Capabilities: Real-time tracking, anywhere in the world, boundary and geofencing with automated alerts, tethered / untethered status & duration, battery status and low battery alerts Cargo status.

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.


Search information for a particular vessel, including registration information and violations at Vessel Search: http://cgmix.uscg.mil/PSIX2/VesselSearch.asp




SASCO offers marine vessel tracking and messaging using Orbcomm's low earth orbiting communication satellites to provide maritime fleet management. GPS position data along with email messages are transmitted securely via the internet.

For commercial fishing / shrimping trawler fleets - the Trawler Fleet Tracker allows to trace fleets from the clients office. With Trawler Fleet Tracker the user is will be able to get vessel positions, voyage tracking, and catch information. The built-in messaging system allows private communications between clients office and the vessels in the fleet. It combines GPS, satellite communication, computer color plotting and the internet, that give the fleet manager accurate information about the activities of his vessels on a day to day basis

User access: vendors website via account number.

Coverage area: worldwide.




Satamatics provides global, satellite-based telematic solutions that put the client in control - anywhere and anytime on across the world’s oceans.

Ocean Alert the companies product, can provide any vessel with a global alert, tracking and information facility to meet the IMO requirements for Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS) and long-range tracking. Clients have access to their vessels position via the secure vendors website a typical tracking protocol is shown above:




SkyMate puts the power of global satellite technology within easy reach of every vessel. Whether the client is cruising the coastline or crossing the Atlantic, communication&tracking is possible. System figures are: Send & receive email, send messages via fax and voice, report your boat position, get scores, stocks, and news via Yahoo! Alerts, NEXRAD Weather Radar, NOAA weather charts, buoy reports, 1-5 day customized forecasts, monitor bilge, battery, and AC power while away from your boat with the SkyMate SentryMate monitoring kit.



WCC's delivers worldwide tracking coverages by Iridium satellite communication solutions. The ComTrack allows the user to monitor the transportation of any vessel via the Internet using Iridium's truly global all-digital satellite technology. The client will experience secure real-time tracking of hs assets through his home or office computer. An analog phone/PBX interface, crew PIN, and downloadable crew call log enables the use as a voice telephone solution for the user who are on sea. With the optional Alert Button, the client any designated recipients can be notified immediately of a crisis aboard of his vessel via an emergency notification sent directly to your e-mail, pager or fax.

User access: via vendors secure&encrypted website.

Coverage area: worldwide.



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