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Conservation Management Institute
CMI was established in 2000 to better address multi- disciplinary research questions that affect conservation management effectiveness in Virginia, North America, and the world. Faculty from Virginia Tech and other research institutions work collaboratively on projects ranging from endangered species propagation to natural resource-based satellite imagery interpretation.

Ecological Software Solutions
Software for ecologists and resource managers. Software development includes both internal software projects and custom projects, both large and small, that contribute to the storage and analysis of resource management data the world over.

North American Association for Environmental Education.

Environmental vertical search engine.

Environmental Information Centre India
EIC provides high quality environmental information on India in a timely and cost-effective manner, to improve Environmental Studies and the decision-making process..


The European Nature Heritage Fund (EURONATUR) is an independent German conservation foundation with an international brief. On this page you will find information on Euronatur's most recent activities. Web page in English and German.

The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network is a collaborative effort involving more than 1800 scientists and students investigating ecological processes over long temporal and broad spatial scales. The Network promotes synthesis and comparative research across sites and ecosystems and among other related national and international research programs. The National Science Foundation established the LTER program in 1980 to support research on long-term ecological phenomena in the United States.

Rawge’s Wildlife Biology Information page
wildlife biology and ecology, information and humor

International Society of Biotelemetry
Human Research Telemetry, Ambulatory & Bedside Monitoring, Implantable Telemetry, Wildlife Telemetry, Telemetry in Birds & Small Animals, Underwater Telemetry, Satellite Telemetry, Telemedicine.

Biology Univet Hungary
Information an biology (brain, behaviour, evolution), wildlife, behaviour of dogs. In English, Hungaria.