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   Link Directory: Wildlife & Outdoors & Travel

Centrum för Vilt- och Fiskforsknig
Center for Fish and Wildlife research (CFW) a  common institution of researchers of Lantbruksuniversitet (SLU) and Umeå Universitet. In Swedish.

Clubtread is an online community dedicated to the US outdoors: a group of outdoors enthusiasts who get together online to share ideas, trip reports, photographs, and advice. The message board is one of the primary methods to communicate with others, plan trips, and talk gear.

Wildlife consultant, Italy. Consulence Faunistico Ambientali. Web page in Italia.

Finnish Game  and Fisheries Research Institute
The Finnish game and fisheries research institute produces high-quality scientific data about fisheries, game and reindeer for sustainable use of natural rescourses, and helps to maintain biodiversity through research and aquaculture.


The ultimate site for hikers.


Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research
The IZW conducts integrated biological and veterinary research on wildlife. Our work is focused on the mechanisms and functions of evolutionary adaptations that ensure the survival and reproduction of individuals in free-ranging and captive populations of wildlife, and the limits that may affect the viability and persistence of such populations. For this purpose, we study the behavioural and evolutionary ecology, wildlife diseases, and reproduction of mostly larger mammals and birds. Web page in English and German.

Information about Finnish nature incl. forestry, wildlife, hiking. In English, Swedish and Finnish.

Migration Research Foundation

The Migration Research Foundation (MRF) is an incorporated nonprofit company committed to monitoring the range and movements of wildlife for conservation research purposes.

A sophisticated GPS-GSM tracking project on moose in Sweden. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå.


School of Natural Recources, University of Missouri-Columbia
The School of Natural Resources is the Midwest’s only school with a comprehensive natural resources program, which encompasses atmospheric science, fisheries, forestry, parks, recreation, soils, tourism and wildlife. We advocate an integrated scientific approach to natural resources management.

Tracker Outdoors

Your complete resource for improving your knowledge of hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, agriculture and livestock.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Sound Stewardship of Washington's Fish and Wildlife
http://wdfw.wa.gov/science/articles/mtn_goats/index.html (article on mountain goat GPS project).

Information around wildlife, links to wildlife equipment manufacturer.


Help Save Our Wildlife.

Arbeitsbereich für Wildtierbiologie an der Freien Universität Berlin. Projekte zum Raum-Zeit-Verhalten heimischer Paarhufer im Freiland unter Verwendung von GPS Satelliten Telemetrie und Aktivitätsmessung direkt am frei lebenden Tier. In German.


Deer Hunting Information and Photos.