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          Raven Precision Solutions - Precision Farming Products

GPS Guidance

RGL 500 Universal Lightbar
The RGL 500 connects directly to a GPS receiver (f. ex. Invicta 115) and provides parallel swath guidance. No other computer or hardware is required. Just mark the endpoints of the first swath and the RGL does the rest. Details


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Invicta 210L
GPS/DGPS Receiver with Beacon and WAAS Differential
Raven’s smallest and lightest integrated high-performance GPS receiver and dual channel beacon receiver with WAAS Differential and superior impulse noise performance. Details


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Invicta 115
The New Invicta 115 receiver combines the high-performance of our DGPS receiver with a matched antenna all in ONE waterproof enclosure. The new hand-sized 115 Smart Antenna provides continuous measurements even in the harshest conditions. Its small size makes it easy and convenient to use in almost any application. Details


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Invicta 115  for Guidemate
Now you can have the power of navigation and data logging in the palm of your with the Raven GuideMate. GuideMate offers advanced navigation features such as moving maps display, Pan and Zoom, and headland guidance indications. Complete your Guidance system with a GuideMate!




FARM TRAC the next generation in crop record keeping, is a GPS-integrated field record keeping package written for Microsoft Windows. Designed with the farmer in mind, Farm Trac lets you draw and farm your fields, keep automatic notations for field history and chemical usage, apply direct costs to each field, and plan future farming operations.


FARM SITE adds layers and GPS compatibility to Farm Trac. Real-world coordinates work to provide state-of-the-art positioning. Farm Site also supports a limitless number of layers, from soil types or soil tests, to last year's fields or next year's planting intentions. Farm Site works with all major yield monitors, and Farm Works is committed to supporting the widest possible range of equipment. Consider adding USGS Roads & Waterways CD: Roads and waterways already drawn for you.


FARM TRAC MATE   integrates with Farm Trac to provide field record-keeping for pocket pc computers running Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 or higher. Trac Mate lets you enter field records while you’re in the field. Trac Mate takes the hassle out field record-keeping and lets you spend more time in the field and less time in the offic.


Farm Site Mate utilizes a Pocket PC computer running Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 or higher, or a laptop computer with Windows 95 or higher, along with a GPS receiver for site specific mapping, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate control. Site Mate allows you to easily create maps of field boundaries, weed areas, tile lines, spray paths, soil sample locations, or anything else you may need. These maps may then be used in most GIS programs including Farm Site or Site Pro. Farm Site Mate also works with most variable rate controllers for precise application of product.


Guide Mate is the first product to provide an affordable guidance solution that works on standard Pocket PCs.  Guide Mate provides an easy-to-follow, on-screen light-bar and steering needle. Guide Mate is fully integrated with Site Mate Basic so users can quickly flip between the light-bar display of Guide Mate and a coverage map generated with Site Mate.



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