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Guide Mate Module

Guidance software for Pocket PCs


Guide Mate is the first product to provide an affordable guidance solution that works on industry standard Pocket PCs. Guide Mate provides an easy-to-follow, on-screen light-bar and steering needle. Guide Mate is fully integrated with Site Mate Basic so users can quickly flip between the light-bar display of Guide Mate and a coverage map generated with Site Mate.


The opening home screen of Guide Mate
(on iPAC, Compac) gives users the options to:

  • Start a Job or guidance session, or open a previously created guidance session.
  • Settings: Configurations related to how Guide Mate will operate.
  • GPS Status: Displays the GPS data being received.
  • End Program: Cancel out of the program


           Guide Mate Flyer   PDF 157 KB                                       













Indicates version of GuideMate firmware and whether or not GPS is being received.

"GPS Status" button indicates detailed DPGS information and Auto GPS Setup feature.
"Start Job" button will initiate starting a new job or open an existing job.
"Settings" button will allow user to select swath patterns, boom widths, boom offsets, boom status, along with other selection options.
"End Program" button will close GuideMate program.

If the user has a Raven lightbar, the Lightbar button may be used to select whether you will be using the on-screen lightbar alone or in conjunction with your Guide Mate. Guide Mate will have options for programming the lightbar (from your computer) when the two are used together.


Guide Mate features:

    • Easy to follow "driver friendly" guidance screen with a lightbar and intuitive steering needle.
    • Headland guidance indications and numerous driving patterns.
    • Driving patterns include Straight A-B, Contour, Pivot, and more.
    • Runs on Pocket PCs such as the Compaq iPAQ.
    • Works with any GPS receiver that outputs NMEA 0183 (note that 5 hz output is recommended for best results).
    • No external light-bar required.
    • Can be used in conjunction with Raven light-bars with options to control the lightbar.
    • Log an unlimited number of attributes along with coverage data.
    • All data is logged in Site Mate in industry standard ArcView Shape Files.
    • Upgrade Site Mate Basic to Site Mate Scouting or Site Mate VRA to log application rates from a wide range of controllers.
    • Site Mate VRA also provides the ability to load a prescription map and to vary product application.