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           Pet Finder: How to get back lost pets

You lost your pet? Find it with a pet finder!

For thousands of years Homo sapiens has had the opportunity to observe his lost pets particularly by following their tracks. This undertaking was only easy in winter when the tracks are clearly visible in the snow, but it was a hard and particular unsafe affair.

Nowadays it is possible to find your pets with state of the art technology like VHF telemetry or the Global Positioning System. In combination with cell/mobil phone systems or satellite communication services it is possible to get the location of your pet direct onto your cell/mobile phone or to your computer.



We inform you about the different methods and possibilities of pet finders available today:

VHF telemetry

By this method a radio signal is send by the pet finder unit which can be received with a special receiver. The device emits a pulsed radio frequency signal (“beep, beep, beep, beep ....”). A directional antenna in a hand-held receiver picks up the signal. If the antenna is turned towards the direction of the pet, the signal sounds his strongest beep. You can find your pet if you go towards the direction: the sound will be stronger and stronger. The range in which animals could be located on land varied between a few hundred meters to a few kilometers (depending on the temperature, humidity, topography, vegetation,etc.).

The system is suitable even for cats, VHS-transmitters nowadays are so small and light that bats and even bees could be outfitted with them

You need: a VHF beacon fixed on a harness or collar and a receiver + antenna.



Satellite telemetry

Because the GPS engine and the GSM modem (if the data are transmitted via cell/mobile phone system) needs some power, the batteries are still big. The weigth of the pet finder devices are about 100 g.


Important questions are:

    • 1. how long is the operating lifetime of the battery and is it rechargeable?
    • 2. is the unit waterproofed or waterrresistant?
    • 3. do you have to pay monthly fees for the pet tracking service?


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Pet Finder: via GPS cell/mobile phone systems

A GPS receiver and a GSM modem with special software is incorporated into the Pet Finder unit. Allows you easily and remotely monitoring the location of your pet via your cell phone/mobile phone anywhere in the world with suitable GSM coverage.

The principle: You simply call the telephone number of the Pet Finder unit with your handy /mobile phone /cell phone. The GPS receiver of the collar, estimates the position of the pet and sends the coordinates immediately as SMS (Short Message service) over the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) directly on your mobile phone display or to a pet tracking service provider. The accuracy of the positioning amounts to the average less than 15 meters.

Location data transmission from the pet finder occurs mostly via cell/mobile phone systems like GSM. For communication between pet finder and mobile phone you have to insert a SIM card into the pet tracking unit. Mostly you can use every SIM card, maybe from a second mobile phone.



GSM is available as:

      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. europe and
      • 900 MHz and 1900 MHz, e.g. north america
      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. asia

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